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Pregnant Ladies!


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How's everyone doing? I thought it would be fun to share some gluten-free pregnancy treats. It seems that I want things that I can't have and usually that doesn't bother me at all. Well for a treat this week I made a fruit pizza the crust is made out of sugar cookies and then I put a fruit dip on it for a sauce and top with my favorite fresh fruit. It was so good. Just what I needed :D I thought if anyone is interested we can share some recipies for fun? I will add my recipie if that sounds good to anyone.

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Hey Kay: I think it must be your pregnancy, becuase that does not sound good to me! :D

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Can I get that fruit dip recipe from you? Not preggo but just in the mood for some fruit with dip. I haven't found a recipe and I don't trust the pre-made ones at the store. Marziette's customer service wasn't any help either. Why do they bother to respond when they won't answer the question?



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Does apple butter count as a fruit dip? If so, it's as easy as simmering chopped apples with cinnamon (sugar, if you want it, I suppose), a touch of lemon juice, and maybe allspice and nutmeg if you want as well, stirring occasionally (more at the end) until it's the consistency you want.

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