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Gaps Diet

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I was reading about GAPS diet and it sounds like it makes sense to me, but I wanted to know if anyone here has had actual experience with it?

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The GAPS diet is almost similar to the SCD - upon which it is also based. In fact, the only differences I've been able to identify is a slightly more restricted approach to dairy, a few specific legal/illegal foods, and a more clear recommendation to ingest fats.

I'm following the SCD in a moderated manner which makes it similar to the GAPS, however I base myself on Elaine Gottschall's book 'Breaking the vicious cycle'. After seven months on the SCD, I'm so much better than before when evidently just a gluten-free diet did very little in way of helping me.

There is a long thread in this forum on the SCD, started by AliB, where people following the diet, or wanting to ask questions, get help from one another - so you might want to take a look and perhaps join in.

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