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Can anyone else relate? I just feel so tired of school. I feel like the whole thing is going to end up being pointless what with the way the economy is. What guarantee is there that I am spending all of this money for an "education" that there will be a career ahead for me? Does anyone else deal with this issue? Sometimes I feel like maybe I should just go live on a farm and grow my own gluten-free food and get away lol. Well, I just kinda felt like venting and wondering what other people think about this issue?

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The only thing you can do is sit tight and wait this out, it will not last forever. Keep going to school, I wish I could go back that would be so nice. Which yes I am working on it.

Try to keep a positive attitude about this, our economy will pick up again. All though your idea of living on a farm is fantastic, I am so up for that lol. I love being in the middle of nowhere and to have my own garden would be so cool!!

Good luck to you, stay in school =)

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Are you just tired or are you really concerned that what you are learning won't apply to your future?

If you really have an interest in horticulture you could take a few classes in that area. Agri-tourism is one of the few growing fields here in Michigan. People will drive from three states away to pick fruit to haul back home. And then there are the folks who are into localvore - eating just those things grown within 100 miles or their home. I'm not sure how this is viewed in other parts of the country but here stores are labeling Michigan products because people are willing to pay extra for locally raised eggs, fruits and veggies.

There are opportunies out there, I would just encourage you to follow a path that holds your interest. A few years ago I gave up a really good paying job because I just couldn't stand it anymore. For a couple years I worked low paying jobs, one that I really liked and a couple that were just paychecks. The one that I really liked turned into an opportunity that will eventually pay better than the one I left. In the old job my attendance was horrible, in the new job I rarely think of missing a day. No one can greet my customers for me, I have to be there for them.

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