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    Well, definitely good luck on the colonoscopy! I don't really know what to say other than I thought you did a really good job writing post! Are you a writer? It seems you have a talent to make some serious stuff sound quite funny! I liked you saying about your dog in the bathroom with you lol. You should be a comedian! Anyways, I hope all goes well!
  2. beaniebabe

    Can Anyone Relate?

    Can anyone else relate? I just feel so tired of school. I feel like the whole thing is going to end up being pointless what with the way the economy is. What guarantee is there that I am spending all of this money for an "education" that there will be a career ahead for me? Does anyone else deal with this issue? Sometimes I feel like maybe I should just go live on a farm and grow my own gluten-free food and get away lol. Well, I just kinda felt like venting and wondering what other people think about this issue?
  3. Just thought I would add something else. Have you considered that corn may be doing some of this to you? I mean the stuff is in like everything. I've had horrible stomach aches from it since I was little until we found out what it was. Just something to consider! Anywho, also just thought about something that has helped me. I found out about soaking grains overnight and up to a few days to remove the phytic acid and other anit-nutrients. This goes for all grains and was always used by traditional cultures to help them digest grains. Believe me, it's annoying, but it really has helped me a lot. It makes it so much easier on the stomach. I usually wake up and if I decide to have for example, some rice with lentils, I put the rice and lentils in water in a bowl and let it set out for at the very least 8 hours. From what I have read, the minimum amount of time to remove the anti-nutrients is 8 hours. So I just cook it for dinner or something. I believe it is the Weston A. Price foundation that has wonderful articles on this. They also say it should be used to soak nuts and seeds as well as they also contain anti-nutrients. It's like a defense mechanism that these foods have for some reason. Reminds me of how soy can be harmful as well unless it is prepared properly, such as through fermentation. Makes me wonder too if this is part of why there are so many food allergies as things don't get digested well. Hopefully this info helps!
  4. beaniebabe

    Irrational Anxiety Issues

    Hi there! Just thought I would comment about this as well. I think these guys are right and you got some really great advice. I went to a seminar a couple of weeks ago where a doctor spoke to us about many health related topics. One of the most important things he talked about was magnesium. He says virtually everyone is deficient in magnesium and he recommended that everyone take magnesium. But not just any kind. The kind he most recommended was magnesium lotion. From what he explained, magnesium is getting increasingly hard to get in our diets due to modern farming techniques. Crops are planted and re-planted in the same spots over and over and causes the depletion of nutrients. Magnesium is also harder to get through supplements and has a low rate of getting into our systems. There are many kinds of these supplements though and he said the best kind out of those is to get magnesium taurate. This is supposedly the least likely kind to give stomach upsets which is a common side effect of magnesium supplementation, but still takes many months for the body to get back to normal levels of magnesium. There are many kinds of magnesium lotions that can be found online. I've bought the kind the doctor recommended which he uses with his patients and have been having great success with it so far. The kind I get is Dr. Shealy's brand. The anxiety has gone down so much and I notice that if I don't use it every day, it comes back. If I use it only once, some of the anxiety comes back but still much less noticeably than without it at all. But there are many other kinds online too which I am sure you could research about. The stuff is really great and it has helped so much with the stomach issues I sometimes have still even after 3 years on the gluten-free diet. I hope this helps you!!! Oh and I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who talked about the B vitamins. I think I will get some myself!!
  5. Hi there everyone. I had to drop out of college too because my symptoms were so bad. I was lucky though to have finished a whole year with good grades, but was feeling terrible. Many days I would dread going to class to sit there knowing that I would get sick to my stomach and have to leave the room. I lost like 20 pounds and was thin to begin with. I had bad anxiety to go along with it. So yes, I feel it was a good lesson as to what is really important in life. Overall the whole school thing doesn't matter in the long run. If you feel you are too ill to do it, then just give it a break for a while. I wish I had done it sooner than I had. I think the stress really began to trigger the symptoms even more. And now, three years on into being gluten-free, I am back in college. And so what if I am 23? Hey if that's how long it takes you then big deal. Your health is so much more important!
  6. beaniebabe

    My First Gluten-free Day

    I just wanted to add here something that you might not have known. Be careful when buying certain meats like plain chicken breasts or ground beef as sometimes they are sneaky and tend to add "natural flavors" in tiny lettering on the package. This can mean MSG which can contain gluten. I have found generally when I buy those types of things that the safest ones are organic and tend not to add ingredients like that. But don't worry, you're doing great for your first day! It can seem overwhelming at first, but soon you will find foods you will enjoy and know which to buy.