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Borriello Brothers Pizza In Colorado

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Here was my experience. I'm currently traveling and when I get home I doubt I'll go out to eat again for a LONG time. Anyway, I went to this place specifically because they have gluten free pizza. I ordered a gluten free pizza with sausage. I asked if the sausage was gluten free and was told yes, it is, and we are VERY careful, we even make the pizza in the back in a separate area with fresh gloves and all that. Well, after I'd eaten the pizza, I happed to ask a different person if the meatballs were gluten free too? I was told no, they aren't, they have breadcrumbs in them. So I said that's okay, at least hte sausage is, and she said "I'm not sure about the sausage either." WHAT?? I explained that the person at the front had told me the sausage WAS gluten free. So, here we go on a long quest to find out what's in the sausage! To make a long story short, I was told THREE different things by various people at Borriello Bros. 1) the sausage is NOT gluten free. 2)the sausage has "fillers" in it and we don't know what they are. 3)the sausage IS gluten free, but it's kept up front near the flours and doughs and all that, so it's probably been contaminated. Meanwhile, my stomach is bloated up, I feel like I am going to fall asleep, and I'm burping up liquid food every 2 minutes. I would never go here again. I can't recommend it, and I can't wait to get home so I can never go to a restaurant again. I'm so upset, but I'm learning valuable lessons.

41 year old homeschooling mom of 5

ttg iga 88, reference range 0-19 gliadin peptide antibody iga 105, reference range 0-31

endoscopy positive for celiac disease, hiatal hernia, major acid reflux damage

diagnosed with arthritis in my teens, thyroid disease in my 20's, epilepsy in my 20's, adult ADD in my 30's,

suffered from joint pain, migraines, seizures, 4 miscarriages, 2 years infertility, scalp rash, bloating, chronic constipation, acid reflux, weight gain, hashimoto's disease, enlarged thyroid, thyroid nodule, extreme fatigue, low vitamin D, anemia, mouth and nose sores

Started gluten-free diet 10/7/09! Never had another seizure after 10 years of epilepsy. TRUE STORY. 2 babies after going gluten-free

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