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I'm So Sick Of Eating The Same Thing Every Day

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all i eat is chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, green beans, olives, avocados, rice cakes, yellow squash and pecans. I feel like im sensitive to 90% of the foods out there and am worried about developing new allergies, so ive been limiting myself to the same stuff and its making me miserable. im also trying to watch carbs and sugar cause of candida but im finding it impossible to survive. i am SO hungry and just want to eat dammit. sticking to the diet listed above is the only thing thats keeping me regular ..as soon as I incorporate a different food or ingredient i get constipated. i must me allergic to everything literally.

broccoli, cauliflower, peas and beans give me horrible gas and constipation

eggplant, artichokes, zucchini, asparagus and apples make me urinate like crazy for some reason.

beef give me gas

cold cuts have preservatives that bloat me and are not good

fish has mercury which feeds candida so ive been cutting back on that

everything else has carbs or sugar which i cant have

im dying here seriously. Im afraid of food and afraid to eat. i just went out with my friend for a bit and he had this huge delicious salad and some bbq salmon and it was killing me to look at it and watch him enjoy it so much. i feel like a prisoner and just dont know whats safe and whats not anymore.

i need to focus on candida and c.difficile now and my doc might prescribe meds for this to eradicate it once and for all (test results pending), but im so afraid that by eating im causing more harm than good. I am so skinny and i dont feel comfortable with the way i look & people have been worried about me cause im not eating

as some of you know i was just in france and had a horrible time because of the food thing. I was eating all carbs and sugar for the most part just to survive (energy bars, chips, rice cakes, gluten-free bread- only protein i was getting was at dinner and canned fish for breakfast) - interestingly enough I was quite regular on the trip and had no bloating at all..i wasnt eating many vegetables or meat so i wonder if that had anything to do with it.

In any case, what do i do? can someone please tell me what to do cause i'm beside myself and am in such a depressed state . if all i had was celiac id be happy as a clam, but i dont/..i have a gazillion food sensitivities and iBS and unless i take magnesium or oxypowder i have to practically give birth to have a BM

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Personally, I think our systems tend to bloat and gas alot in the beginning when we are purposely eating more veggies. I believe you will get better with that as you go with them. You are eating alot of bland non-fibrous things and your body is gasing and bloating from a sudden fiber intake also. Once it gets used to more of it, it'll get better.

Not all fish is known for mercury. I LOVE to treat myself with scallops and shrimp. Fix the smaller ones in a cream sauce (all alternative ingredients for me!) and pour on top of gluten-free pasta. YUM!

I guess I take the attitude that I'm going to die from SOMETHING at some point, so worrying about everything under the sun is just a waste of the time I have NOW. Perhaps money well spent for you would be to make a visit or two with a nutritionist or dietician. Let them set up a list of things you may have and remain healthy. I've considered this myself in the past when I've felt very deprived. Ask your dr....it very well could be something they could refer you to and have insurance pay for.

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What was the difference between what you ate on vacation and at home? I don't mean what you already listed. What did you drink?

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What about fats, herbs, vinegar and broth? Then you could make dressings for salads with the cooked brown rice and quinoa. Brown, rice and pecans in a vinaigrette with some herbs for a grain salad or as a warm pilaf-if the rice is cooked in some broth maybe would be yummy. If you can't purchase broths, homemade is easy and you'd get several meals worth of broth so it's worth the effort. You could chop a few of the veggies you can eat, cook them in the broth and add a bit of the cooked brown rice at the end with some of the meat from chicken. Sometimes just changing up the temperature or presentation or combination of the same old ingredients is welcome to the eyes and palate. You may feel yourself saying, why bother, it's just the same old ingredients but I encourage you to just go ahead anyway. In the end it helps. That's my experience anyway. I live on just meats, veg and nuts basically with herbs, spices and fats and will be on this diet for life so I am training myelf to learn how to use different veggies that I've either not used before or used very little. Have you tried roasting vegetables? They also can be done in a batch and re-heated for a later meal-sweet potatoes, cut in chunks, green beans and yellow squash, cut in chunks can be tossed in an oil with some salt and pepper, herbs etc. and roasted. Very good too! I find canned pumpkin easy to digest and it's low-carb-very good for diabetics. I eat it warmed in the a.m for my breakfast.

I agree with jstsrtic about the bloating.When switched to a protein based diet from being a semi-vegetarian, I upped my protein gradually over many months and found at one point a feeling of difficulty digesting, I respected that but didn't give up, just kept going and it passed. My body seems to have adjusted.

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