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My Elimination Diet

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Ok I did some research today for elimination diets.

However I found contradictories from one site to the next.

Meats That Are Safe:

Lamb, halibut, orange roughy, tuna, snapper, wild salmon, crab, lobster, deer, duck, rabbit, goose, cornish game hens, clams, pheasant.

The contradiction is shellfish; crab, lobster, fish in general

Vegetables That Are Safe:

celery, okra, cucumbers, green peppers, yams, sweet potato, cabbage, squah, asparagus, cauliflower, artichokes, lettuce, carrots, brussel sprouts, spinach.

Contradictions: none found

Fruits That Are Safe:

peaches, pears, apples, raspberries, grapefruit, grapefruit juice (in small amounts), bananas, melons, grapes, kiwi

Contradictions: strawberries, apples, grapes and melon. Grapefruit and any citrus.

Condiments That Are Safe:

gelatin (?), flax seed oil, coconut, 100% carob powder, salt, sweeteners (stevia or honey or maple syrup), jellies (?), jams (?), extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, almond butter, sesame butter.

Nuts That Are Safe:

coconut, hazel nut, almonds and pecans BUT only unshelled natural unprocessed nuts.

Contradictions: All nuts. One website said NO nuts, while the other stated the above listed.

So I found extremely strict ones and then found some that included all of the above foods.

Obvious food to avoid:

vitamins aspirin beer coffee gum milk eggs beef chicken fish* pork wheat strawberries* fruit juice* nuts* cocolate corn tomatoes shellfish* oranges cola's white potato peas beans apples* any legumes

* is the contradictions...need some clarity please.

To save myself a lot of time, I had a bloodtest done to test for my food intolerances because I have been really sick. Interesting that websites say that, because what one person is intolerant to another might not be. Just like one person can have celiac disease and one person can eat anything and everything with gluten in it. I actually am severely intolerant to salmon, tuna, halibut, brussell sprouts, asparagus, artichokes, green beans,c cantelope, grapefruit, kiwi, pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts..etc. I had alot! Anyways my point is that I would have never knew without that test that it was green beans or cantelope that were part of my stomach problems! I would have continued to think it was something else. So really the only safe foods are the ones your body can tolerate, and the only way to know that is a blood test in my opinion. But the only reason I have so many is because I just found out about my celiac, so Im still healing. Therefore maybe an elimination diet can work for you...

Sarah Anne

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