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British Beer Company

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I found out, quite by accident, that this pub style restaurant has one of the best gluten-free menu's I have seen to date, in a place of this category. The prices are extremely reasonable and they have a fantastic wine and beer menu also.....4-5 different types of gluten-free beer. They serve gluten-free pizza and not just 2 offerings, like you usually get.....they must have 10-12 different types of pizza like any other restaurant chain which serves it up. The also have sandwich wraps, with rice based wraps.

When I arrived at the table, the service was cordial and attentive. The manager always comes to every gluten-free table to reassure the customer that they know you are requesting a gluten-free meal and it will be done properly. I tried the chicken caesar wrap, to be different, and it was very, very good. Not too much salad dressing, which I like, and the chicken was ultra tender. The only complaint I have with the wraps is the fact that we all know how difficult it is for a rice wrap to survive being stuffed and eaten, without flaking and falling apart. They were pretty good tasting wraps but by the end, I ended up finishing it with a fork and knife. It held together about 3/4 of the way into it, which I guess is good for a gluten-free sandwich.

It came with one side and I ordered the stir fried veggies....they were just OK.

I would post a link but can no longer link outside websites from work....security issue.....sorry! They are located in Massachusetts and may be in other states but have not checked into that. The menu is substantial for gluten-free so that was a pleasant surprise. The manager also told me they track how many gluten-free tables per day are served and have discovered it isn't just a few. The New England Patriots game from London, a couple of weeks ago, was televised on their big screen TV in the bar section of the pub and that day they served 20 gluten-free tables! Way to go!

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Is the name of it British Beer Company? Thanks.

Edit: OK, I looked it up and get it now.

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