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Can Milk Cause Dh

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I've been gluten free and trying to be lactose-free but every time I have something with milk, my face breaks out and the DH rash comes back on my tummy. Can milk cause DH symptoms?



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My 3rd week of gluten free.

I really think milk and cheese are causing me issues. Many folks with DH say to get off of it until the rash gets better and then try it. I feel like now I am going heavy on corn products.

I went to decaf coffee and a tiny bit of half and half, instead of a quarter cup of 2% milk and I am doing better. I am having only one cup a day.

I also added Chai Tea with no sugar as my alternative. I skipped coffee for a few days and it made me crazy. I may have to give it up, but I have to find some other things.

I read somewhere that hard cheeses have less casein and are sometimes tolerable in small amounts.

My diet is so limited I am cranky. I need to add some things in. I do brown rice and legumes, grits, carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes, popcorn, watermelon, apple juice . I really need to step up the veggies, but I don't like them

I may still be glutening myself with some unknown things, like kroger benedryl.

My itching is a tiny bit better but still wakes me up. My neck has almost cleared up, but stomach and tush are worse.

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