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Nicole S.

Major Acne, After Salicylic Acid Application

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I was told I have Celiac disease, but not confirmed yet. Biopsy last May negative. Blood work taken yesterday to test for Celiac signs. Regardless Wheat and gluten a big issue. Only been off for about 3 1/2 weeks.

THroat swelling and lump in throat still off and on. Sending me to an allergist in 2 days for further allergies. I was using a new acne medication, which was all salicylic acid(aspirin ingredient). My face broke out in cycstic acne all over my chin. It has been a week since I stopped it, and still can't stop the major breakouts. Is this due to malnutrition or Celiac/allergies. I am still reacting to ketchup and spices that are not organic.

Am I suppose to be on enzymes? My doctor recommended a multivitamin, but didn't say anything to the effect of taking enzymes to digest food. L-glutamine is the only thing Im taking. Still having major ups and dows with energya dn feeling good. Thanks fo :o r any help

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I can't answer your enzyme question, but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in the acne department. I can't use anything with salicylic acid in it or I get those huge underground zits too. And it takes forever for them to go away. I take Lysine for acne, it helps with inflammation in the body.

Please post if you find an answer to your issues. Good luck!

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