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Celiac Sprue Association

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The dietician at the hospital recommended it. She had an older version from 05, but it looked pretty neat! It also lists non food items she said, like toothpastes and things like that. I'm thinking of ordering it. The website doesn't seem to give much information on what's in it, but it looked really thorough and they update it every year. It seemed like everything was listed, and if you wanted say worcestershire sauce, you could just look it up and it would tell you every brand that was gluten free. Of course you would still need to check the label yourself but this would be really helpful. Does anyone have it and like it??


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I ordered it when I was first diagnoses in 2005. There weren't many options to choose from at that time. Although helpful, I found it more regional and not my region.

I also work with the Celiac Sprue Association in my area. It's a great place to volunteer too. (so I help them in other ways)

I had the opportunity to review the Cecelia's Market Place Gluten Free Guide. I think it's great for beginners, not familiar with label reading or for spouse or family members who want to dash out to find some ice cream. You can find it online or here at the Gluten Free Mall.

Triumph Grocery Guide is very helpful too. But, once you have mastered label reading, there is not must need for lists. And I would not rely on any list older than a year old, due to continual product change.

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