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How Paranoid Should I Be?

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I've been gluten free for 4 weeks now, but I'm wondering if I'm doing enough to avoid cross contamination in my house. My husband and 2 year old son are not gluten free, so there's pasta, wheat bread, and snacks in the house that contain gluten. My husband and I are careful to wash our hands after handling gluten foods, but is that enough?

Do I need to wash my dishes separate from the other dishes?

Do I need separate dishes from my husband and son?

Do I have to have a separate set of cookware for myself?

When I eat at company's house, am I getting glutened by eating from their cookware that has previously cooked gluten?

Can I kiss my son after he's had a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich?

It feels kind of ridiculous to have my own dishes, I think I'll just throw my hands up in the air if I have to go that far.

We're careful as far as having separate peanut butter and butter spread and jelly and toasters, because I know that's obvious cc.

But really? How far do I have to go? I'm tired of isolating myself from everyone and thing. Gr! :angry:

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Outside of the standard dedicated cutting boards, wooden spoons, toaster, condiments, nonstick pans, etc., I do not worry about shared dishes (cleaned, of course), stainless steel pans, washing, etc.

I DO stay away from used non-stick pans at other people's houses, and am wary of cutting boards and cooking utensils.

You'll find that we don't all do it the same way, and you have to figure out what you feel comfortable, and healthy, with.

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For me the test is, am I still feeling sick? If I am, I need to tighten things up and search for the source of CC. If I'm feeling good, then the current way of doing things is OK.

All bets are off when you eat out. You have to judge what is worth the risk and what isn't. I always take my own food, in case. If safe food is provided, fine, I eat it and save my food. If I'm afraid of the food, I eat from my stash.

My opinion is gage how you are feeling and adjust accordingly.

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