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New Supervisor Just Hired At My Office Also Has Celiac!

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Celiac is becoming more and more well-known, so that's a very good thing. A co-worker told me yesterday "you know the new supervisor they just hired? He has what you have!" I decided to ask him about it.

Turns out the guy is, like me, not reactive to casein or soy, only to gluten. He eats lots of dairy products and soy products now, so I imagine he'd know if he had problems with those two incredients. He told me he lost 50 pounds while he was eating gluten (I'd lost 30, but I was overweight when the symptoms started and trying to lose weight, so it took me a while to realize that was one of the causes). He didn't, however, get the "hungry all the time" feeling that I'm going through now when he stopped eating gluten, so he's lucky in that respect.

He uses separate cookware and everything from the rest of his family, and lives that way. He'd been going gluten free for 14 years (was 26 when he was diagnosed, and is now 40), and told me that even if a cure for Celiac came out, he still wouldn't go back to eating gluten. I told him that I feel similarly, but at least I wouldn't have to freak out about the possibility of a bread crumb entering my food or something (I take digestive enzymes before eating any questionable meals; I didn't tell him of that).

Anyway, he was diagnosed back in the "dark ages" of Celiac recognition, when almost no-one had heard of it, so he's lucky to have gotten diagnosed at all. I'm self-diagnosed, but I'm lucky I have the internet to help with that (and yes, gluten is indeed the problem for me).

So, a new supervisor with Celiac, and a co-worker with lupus and Celiac. Misery loves company! :P

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