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Ashoka - Indian In Rochester Hills And Canton Michigan

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Although this restaurant does not have a gluten-free menu they do make things the traditional way with besan flour versus wheat flour.

I've eaten there no less than 50 times, at both locations, and never even have a hint of a problem.

I would stay away from fried foods even though they are generally made with besan there are wheat based foods deep fried.

The Pampadum is gluten-free and made with Lentil flour. All of the Chutney's are gluten-free and I know for a fact the Chicken Mahkni and Chicken/Lamb Saghwalla is gluten-free.

For those having a hard time eating out, check out Indian food. If your unsure of what to get Chicken Mahkni is pretty easy on the taste buds. I take clients there for lunch all the time because its one of the places that I can eat and I always start them off with Mahkni which anyone would enjoy. Koorma is a good place to start too and is also gluten-free at most places, at least it should be. Most items on an Indian menu will be gluten-free.

The Pampadum is great(a thin tortilla you dip in sauces called Chutney) although I would be wary of eating it else where without specifically asking. Most places cheat and throw in wheat flour, or they deep fry it. If made traditionally its perfect safe. Chutneys they serve are usually date which is very sweet and mint which is a mixture of mint, coconut, cilantro(corriander) and peppers. Depending on when you go sometimes they have a hot chutney made with hot peppers or if your brave a oil based chutney which is peanut oil with VERY hot peppers slides and floating in it.

Bahji is also great but if they do not have a dedicated fryer then skip it. Bahji is basically a bloomin' onion but breaded with besan flour and spices, you dip it in the same chutneys, we make it all the time at home.

We just came home from there so I remembered to post it up. I've been talking to the owner about gluten-free stuff since so much of it is naturally so, getting to her pinpoint what is gluten-free for sure and what is not.

I've never even had a hint of CC there compared to Outback and other places that have gluten-free menu's.

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I appreciate the time you took in telling us about a place you enjoy. It all sounds WONDERFUL. I live in your general area, but I have so many other food-intolerances that just being gluten-free doesn't help a whole lot. I am also bean-intolerant and rice intolerant (among other things) so that makes your wonderful Indian cuisine fairly off-limits for me also. But I do appreciate reading posts about possible eateries!

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