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Rosie's Plate

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I am watching a local tv channel and I'm flipping through and hear the words, "totally gluten and wheat free" and I stop. This is a bakery/food prep place that is a dedicated place. The host of the show is interviewing the owner, Rosie and they discuss the complications of being gluten and wheat intolerant and she actually says that the majority of her products also do NOT contain most of the top common allergens. She has breakfasts, sides, desserts, snacks, chips, lunches, and dinners! The host then interviews the chef. She explains her process with each different food, keeping sure that nothing is cross contaminated. She says she cleans and disinfects before and after each task to ensure there is no cc! She has different fridges and freezers for things that aren't the same...so something that contains eggs/dairy (fer example) is not kept with things that don't contain eggs/dairy.

Where is it? Well for me it's an advantage because NOWHERE near here is there a place like this. It's in Raleigh, NC...so if you're in that viewing area or semi-close then I think it would be awesome to make a visit. I am roughly an hour from there, so I am super excited and would take a few hours out of my day to visit this place.

Rosie's Plate <---her website

I am so excited *does a dance* :P:D:lol:

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