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Soy Intolerance And Supplements

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after removing gluten i kept a food diary and here is my intolerance list:

gluten (duh)




rice!! as of this week! i'm so mad!

anyway- and according to enterolabs, SOY.

my calcium supplement has soy listed and i emailed the company, here's what they said:

Thanks for your inquiry. We do not add soy to the product. However, there is a tiny amount of MK7, which is derived from natto, a Japanese fermented soy food. The amount of soy would be extremely minute.

do you think i should try it??


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If you already have the supplement and are feeling brave, you could try it to see if you react. Just make sure other foods in your diet aren't affecting you when you try it. If you haven't bought it yet, I would look for a different one. I am super sensitive to soy. I take a few vitamins now, they are Solgar brand which is good at listing allergens. I don't take a calcium right now, so I don't know if they have one that is soy free.

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I am so stumped at figuring out if I react to a food. Some days my diarrhea isn't as bad and I eat the same foods as days that it is real bad. I never get much sleep so I also can't tell if foods are affecting that. My anxiety is not as bad as it was. I do not know if that is because I am healing or if the supplement I have started is helping. Headaches and muscle pain also varies from day to day. I've kept a food, supplement and how I feel diary and just can't pinpoint anything. It is very frustrating!!!

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jackay- i'm sry to hear about the tricky symptoms.

do you to a rotation diet? have you eliminated all suspect lectins for a good amt of time before introducing one at a time?

is the reason for sleep insomnia or a busy/stressful schedule?

just wondering and hoping i might somehow be able to help :)

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