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  1. It doesn't seem to make any difference how often I eat protein or how much of it I eat. Part of my fatigue comes from the fact that I do suffer from insomnia. About one out of every three nights nights I don't sleep at all. However, when I do get a night with eight hours of sleep, I am often...
  2. I don't even know what it feels like anymore to not be tired.
  3. That's good to hear. I was having problems digesting them but wasn't sure if it was cc. I have since started taking the Creon, a prescription digestive enzyme. I've started adding more foods to my diet and haven't had any problems. I still have a few cans of Blue Diamond natural almonds but I...
  4. Blue Diamond almonds are not safe for everyone. They make a wasabi and soy sauce variety that has wheat in the soy sauce. There is a chance of cross contamination with their plain almonds and other flavored ones.
  5. I think anything put on your face could easily get into your mouth.
  6. I haven't eaten eggs in a very long time but did have two hard boiled ones this morning. I have delayed reactions so will find out tonight or tomorrow morning if they are a problem. I was tested for eggs a long time ago and found out I was intolerant to egg yolks. I believe most people react to...
  7. It does not say anything on the prescription information sheet that I got from the pharmacy that I should be on a restricted candida diet. My son took Nystatin several times when he was young and never went on a candida diet and he definitely got better. Has anyone had luck with this medication...
  8. You could have gotten cc from a dirty cup. Was it a reusable or disposable cup?
  9. Gluten is my "germ"

    Never diagnosed as Celiac as had bloodwork done after was off gluten for a long time.

    However, since I have hyperparathydism, I figure it most likely is Celiac.

  10. If you like them and can tolerate them, try: olive oil, coconut oil, avacados and all types of nuts and seeds Be sure to check the packaging to make sure they are processed in a wheat free place.
  11. A friend of mine has oral allergies to fresh fruits. She opted to go with allergy shots and has gotten much better.
  12. Either I got accidentally glutened yesterday or I reacted to chia seeds, which I tried for the first time. The label says they are gluten free and I believe they are. I checked them online and there is only this one product. I have emailed the company for the second time (once before trying them...
  13. I tested sensitive to safflower, sunflower and soy bean oil. Right now I am sticking to olive oil and coconut oil. I am hoping I can bring back the other oils once my stomach heals more. Most chips are fried in safflower, sunflower or soybean oil. Not that chips are healthy, but a good crunch...
  14. I am consuming nightshades now but they will probably be next on my list to eliminate. I really rely on them since I have given up so many other foods. I'm waiting for my food sensitivity test results to come back and am afraid there isn't going to be much left for me to eat. I did try an...
  15. I read that you can clarify butter by heating it up and removing the cloudy stuff that separates. Has anyone tried this?