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  1. I know I can't cut out oxalates completely. It would be the same with sulfur, salicylates, lectins, etc. I can cut down and hope for the best.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. My head is just spinning with everything that I could be doing wrong. I buy filtered water for drinking and cooking so hope that is safe. I don't seem to do any better with fresh foods from our garden. ...
  3. I didn't think any mayonaise was egg free. I'll have to check this out.
  4. If histamines are causing my insomnia, would benadryl help? I've taken benadryl for sleep and it it didn't help. Also, meat is suppose to be fresh. Does it have to be cooked for every meal or can it be cooked and frozen? Sounds like...
  5. L_C How long did it take you to feel better after starting the Low Oxalate Diet? A couple foods stuck out that I should be avoiding. Green beans seem to cause insomnia. I also question blueberries. These are two foods that tested safe...
  6. L_C I have been checking so many different diets and got oxalates mixed up with histamines. It has been suggested that histamines may be a problem, too. Am I correct that I can still eat walnuts on the oxylate diet? How about sunflower...
  7. I tried changing the antifungals every couple days last fall and got really bad so found that didn't work for me.
  8. Skylark, Safe meats are lamb, beef liver, pheasant, quail and venison. I cannot stand the taste of lamb. I question beef liver since beef showed up as an intolerance. I tried venison and got D from that so figured that got CC from the...
  9. My die off symptom has always been a bad headache. Today is day four of the Nystatin and it is quite a bit better. I'm hoping by tomorrow it is gone completely.
  10. Seroquel made me feel like my whole body was on fire. That was the most horrible experience. Passion flower herb capsules provided no sleep. I haven't tried tryptophan. Melatonin doesn't help. My doctor have me samples of a new...
  11. Yes I have silver (mercury) fillings and figure they may be a problem. However, I have a whole mouth full of them and can't afford to have them replaced. I often wonder if I have to live in this agony for the rest of my life because of...
  12. If I could get some sleep and concentrate better, I could possibly handle trying a histamine, salicylate, nightshade, oxalate and lectin free diet (along with the candida diet). What would the safe foods be for all of that? Right now...
  13. Skylark, My TSH was 2.2. A while back I had a full thyroid panel and everything was in the normal limits. A few years before this, I was hypothyroid and taking medication. I didn't feel any better when on medication nor when I no longer...
  14. Skylark, My food intolerance were detected through blood work. The reason I resorted to them is because I cannot isolate what the problem foods are. I faithfully kept a food journal and the only food that really stuck out for causing...
  15. jackay


    Burdee, I was not diagnosed with a stool test for candida. I started Nystatin and got a headache which is the same die off symptom I got with all natural antifungals I tried (except Candex. Since I'm experiencing die off symptoms, does...