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Anyone Get Hungry All The Time After Going *casein* Free?

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A lot of people report that after they go gluten-free, they become hungry all the time, and it takes forever for the hunger to go away. That's what happened to me when I first went gluten-free in August. I was so hungry I had to eat like a full meal every hour or two. It gradually got better over time, and eventually became more tolerable, and manageable.

Until I discovered that Fudgsicles contained gluten, and I'd been eating a lot of them. I removed those from my diet in October, and saw my hunger drop for the next few days, then suddenly rapidly spike afterwards and I became miserable again. It's slowly gotten better week after week, but more slowly than the first time. I also saw a return of my gluten withdrawal symptoms too.

Well, since Sunday, I'd been going casein-free in an attempt to find out what's been causing headaches I had that had returned. I noticed that the headaches tended to be reduced after a BM, actually, so that might be a hint. Still, I'm very afraid. I'm afraid that my hunger will spike yet AGAIN because I removed casein, just like when I removed most of my gluten, then the remaining amount of gluten.

I hate being hungry all the time and lacking energy. I do NOT want to go through this again. My hunger has gone down noticably today, and I'm wondering if that's because of the casein, or because of the bathroom yesterday (I was VERY hungry yesterday, but had several BMs late at night and felt my headache go away. My decrease might be related to that, or might be the casein). I also felt some of gluten withdrawal symptoms a bit more than usual.

Anyway, I'd like to know what to expect here. Has anyone here, who went through the "hungry all the time" phase after removing gluten, also gone through the same phase after removing casein? If so, I'm not looking forward to it at all, especially with Christmas vacation coming up. How bad was it? Was it as bad as when you removed gluten?

Any help on this matter, I'd really appreciate.

Born 1981. Is also autistic - officially diagnosed.

Started having fructose-related problems in late 2008.

Started noticing gluten-related symptoms around March 2009.

Discovered the problem and went (mostly) gluten-free in early August 2009. Promptly became hungry all the time.

I can tolerate fructose again now.

Went dairy-lite in mid December 2009, then casein-free in early January 2010. Hunger shot up again twice.

Hunger apparently mostly normal in mid February 2010.

Started taking fish oil in July 2010, then got new symptoms. Got different new symptoms when I stopped, and hunger shot up AGAIN.

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