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Having A Bad Day...just Got Over Stomach Flu

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I just got over a stomach flu...I had a fever, vomiting and the big D...

This is only the third day...I have no more vomiting or D....but it

seems I feel full the moment food hits my stomach....there is that upper

abdominal fullness..and gurgling gas....I am only gluten free for barely 3 months now..

so my gut was just beginning to heal...

Any advice for healing???

I know they say to stay away from dairy...what about yogurt?

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Cream of Buckwheat cereal sits well with me and is pretty nutritious. If you have been off dairy for 3 months you could try some yogurt, many of us can digest it after we heal a bit and it can be soothing. Just go for the plain and perhaps add a bit of your favorte jam or some fruit.

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