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Fish Oil Source Of Nutrients?

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I used to eat 2 cans of tuna fish a day, on average, for several months. Not smart. I got nasty headaches that started to recede (they come back occasionally, but they're less common now) when I stopped eating tuna earlier this week.

Anyway, being in the "hungry all the time" phase, and being that my body needs nutrients (I take a multi-vitamin that's sold on this site, which is packed with minerals and nutrients, to help with that), is fish oil capsules a good idea? What benefits do they have for health, and would they slightly reduce the hunger feeling?

On a related subject, what other supplements or food-related things may help?

Born 1981. Is also autistic - officially diagnosed.

Started having fructose-related problems in late 2008.

Started noticing gluten-related symptoms around March 2009.

Discovered the problem and went (mostly) gluten-free in early August 2009. Promptly became hungry all the time.

I can tolerate fructose again now.

Went dairy-lite in mid December 2009, then casein-free in early January 2010. Hunger shot up again twice.

Hunger apparently mostly normal in mid February 2010.

Started taking fish oil in July 2010, then got new symptoms. Got different new symptoms when I stopped, and hunger shot up AGAIN.

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