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Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients

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Okay, so many people say that going hungry all the time is common and is a result of the body requiring nutrients. I find it strange that it doesn't happen to other Celiacs, like the supervisor in my office who had lost 50 pounds at age 26 when he was diagnosed, but didn't go hungry all the time like I am. But still, many sites say this is normal, so...

Anyway, I take a multivitamin that's sold on this site, by Pioneer, in terms of 2 chewables 3 times a day (the highest dosage they recommend). People mentioned that helped with the hunger, as this particular vitamin is loaded with minerals and nutrients.

Are there other things that might help? I'm thinking of raising the vitamin dosage somewhat, but I'm afraid that I'd get toxicity in one of the vitamins I have enough of if I raise it to help with the other things. In that case, are there things I can get that, say, raise mineral or nutrient levels (preferably chewable, though I can break pills and swallow powder if need be)? Do these help with hunger?

Anyone here have experiences with hunger-reducing things that give the body what it needs? I want this horrible situation to end as soon as possible. It's obviously not going to go away during Christmas vacation, but the sooner I can deal with it, the better.

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