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Is This Part Of The Recovery?

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Can anyone share a similar experience or have insight into this; I have yet to get past the two week mark of being gluten free (I keep getting glutenized by surprise). I'm going along okay again but something happens in the mornings when I go to the bathroom now that I would like to run past folks to see if I can get any more insight into it. I take my first number 2 in the morning and it is solid (after over 6 months of no solidity) but wiping myself takes a long time. sometimes I can leave my butt very sore because I can't get everything wiped properly. This comes and goes but it seems to be sticking around as the same thing happened this morning. I also get kind of sweaty and clammy down there each time I go number 2. some days I have to go every hour the first three hours of the day but then I'm okay. It is still a vast improvement from having to sustain myself on Immodium everyday but I'm wondering if I'm missing something, since I have had other starts and stops on this journey. My family is great in preparing items for the holidays that are gluten-free and I think otherwise I'm keeping to it-----now the one thing that I have not done yet done is look at a possible lactose problem---I think giving up dairy would be harder than gluten---but even that is a bit questionable because I eat only partially digested dairy and I eat it each day---this remanent happens randomly and not each time I eat dairy. I am wondering if I need to make that magical 6 week mark before things are cleared up well. I continue to take high doses of probiotics (gluten-free tablets) and am keeping my diet quite plain, simple and predictable---any takers on this experience?

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Giving up all dairy and soy for awhile will help you heal faster. Once healed you can start adding the dairy and soy back into your eating habits.

Bowel habits, isn't it funny how no one every talk about this subject except on here? Once healed is does clear up. Of course it also returns if you get glutened or if you have other food allergies/intolerance. A food journal can help track if you have a problem with other foods. It might not be something you would see without the journal.

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