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Rockne'S In Northeast Ohio

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I have to go there for a function. I emailed them asking if they have any gluten-free options but got no response yet, and there's nothing about gluten-free options on their website (of course) and nothing comes up when I googled them in this site and out in the worldwideweb(it's a small chain). So I was wondering if any locals have eaten there and what they've ordered. At this point I'm planning to order a plain steak and a baked potato and if the waitress has a glazed look over her eye when I say things like 'please ask the chef not to let anything touch any crumbs' then I'll just get a pop.

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We eat at Rockne's pretty frequently. They are really great about accommodating requests. DH has gotten burgers without buns and not had any problems. They have a ton of salad options (they make them as they are ordered and they are huge) and some really tasty soups. So, I guess it depends mostly on how sensitive you are. DH isn't usually adversely affected by cross contamination, so he does eat their fries and some of the sandwiches (again without buns).

PM me if you have other questions.


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