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Here We Go Again, Stupid Duh Moment.

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Well, had another of my duh moments. Felt like knocking my head against the wall. For you newbies out there I've been gluten free since April of last year. Had all differnt kinds of symptoms which thankfully have just about all gone away.

Anyway, I am a truck driver and there for a while I teamed with my sweetie and well long story short we split up. We were still together just not driving together. Anyway, have been gluten free since then and was doing great. Then last October Sweetie talked me into teaming with him again. Well, he's not gluten free and he gets that food has gluten in it and I can't eat it but he still dosen't quite understand the cross contamination thingy as he calls it. Well, ever since we got back together i've slowly gone downhill. I realized today why i've been regressing. Last night, I got up in the middle of the night to do some business, talked with sweetie who was driving, for a few minutes and then went back to bed.

During the times h'e driving I will make him a sandwich or 2 or he will stop somewhere to get something to eat on the go. Last night while I was talking to him he was eating a cheeseburger.

Fast forward to this morning. Here I am driving reaching into my sack of grapes and eating them when I thought back to last night.

Sweetie eating his cheeseburger WITHOUT THE WRAPPER! Thinking back to all those sandwiches he ate WITHOUT A NAPKIN! The steering wheel is CONTAMINATED! The shifter, the radio, etc. I started crying. First upset because why didn't I see this and then happy because I can hopefully get to feeling better now.

Then to top it off, when sweetie got up and I happily explained I now know what is wrong. He accuses me of just trying to GET RID OF HIM! I can't win for losing.

So everyone make sure your significant other isn't contaminating your vehicle.

I'm gonna go lay down for awhile and chill, everyone have a good evening

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