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Introducing Myself

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I am Jenny and I am from New Orleans, La. I am new to the whole Celiac Nation and need friends who have like symptons.


Jenny :rolleyes:

Geaux Saints!

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Hi Jenny! I am also from New Orleans (born and raised) but now I live in Miami. I am SO EXCITED about our huge victory - NFC Champions!!! Geaux Saints, WHO DAT?!

Anyway, I return to Nola all the time because my family is still there, and there are quite a few places I can recommend for gluten free.

P.F. Changs (Lakeside) has a great gluten free menu

Naked Pizza (uptown) has a gluten free menu, their pizzas are so delicious I had one when I was home over Christmas.

Casementos (uptown) fries all their seafood in cornmeal so it's gluten free, says so on their website.

Whole Foods has so many gluten free foods in their store, they've really helped me in Miami and Nola.

Sushi is pretty easy to eat on a gluten free diet, just avoid soy sauces, imitation crab, and fried dishes. (I've eaten at Little Tokyo, Sake Cafe, Shogun)

Chilis has a gluten free menu, as well as Wendys, Burger King... places like that, which you may be familiar with.

I ate at Galatoire's over Christmas too and they were accomodating... made me a steak plain in a clean pan.

Are you still having symptoms? How long ago was your diagnosis? I have been gluten-free for eight or nine months now. I was diagnosed last summer, after years and years and years of mis-diagnoses, symptoms... it was awful. I am so thankful to be a Celiac and to feel better!


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Hi Jenny! You'll find lots of friends here :)

Sorry, but......GO COLTS!!!! :D

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Thanks Ladies,

I have had symptoms for my whole 37 years of life. I dont ever remember a time when I didnt get the rash like pustules in between my fingers. I am 5" tall which is smaller than anyone else in my family. The pains have always been there. I have been to other doctors who have told me I had IBS, Crohn's Disease, gall bladder problems, I was also told that the pain was due to having my tubes tied 15 years ago. I had learned to live with them but it became too much when it interfeered with my volunteer work (I volunteer with ARNO Animal Rescue New Orleans). I am depended on by both the dogs and my other co-volunteers to be there since I am a lead volunteer and when you are unsure how your stomach is gonna react..well you all know. Anyway I had an appointment with a GOOD gastroenterologist for the past 6 months and she looked me over and did a battery of blood work and well..you know what the results were.. so here I am. Thank you for all the restaurant help. My 18th anniversary is tomorrow and we were at a loss of where to go.

Wonderful to meet you all!!

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Also, ladies..

I am on facebook all day at work.. Please find me so I can have some Celiac people on my site. :)

I am under Jennifer DeMarco Reynolds


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