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I have another question for everyone! I am going to a Sandals resort in St. Lucia in a few months and have a few questions about how to deal with an all inclusive when you are Celiac. I have alrdady spoken to the resort who has set up a meeting btwn me and the head chef who will be looking after me and my meals for the 2 weeks that I will be there. However, I am worried about the drinks. I know that I can have distilled alcohols and wines, as well as rum and gin.. but what about any of the blended drinks? like pina colodas? Should i just be safe and stay away from all of those? as well I know we can have rum, but what about malibu rum? it has articial coconut flavour in it, does anyone know if that is safe to have??

Also, has anyone experienced negative results from drinking flavoured vodka? I thought it was okay to have and had 2 drinks of rasberry vodka one night, and wound up very angry and didn't even know what was going on.. it was like i was a different person! I have heard that alcohol can affect Celiacs like this, anyone else ever experience this type of negative reaction????

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