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Gluten Free Matzoh

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With Passover a little over a month away, lots of gluten-free baked goods, mixes and other items are available to all. For those observing the holiday, gluten-free oat matzoh is available. Last year we were impressed with the handmade matzoh from Lakewood Matzoh Bakery in New Jersey. This year we are going to try Lakewood's machine-made (square) version, which comes nine pieces to a box. Orders of any two boxes ship free.

I have no financial interest in the company.


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I saw those... and some from another company on here. They are SO pricey!! THREE handmade matzohs for $23??? The other company's are more than $2.00 PER matzoh! I've missed matzoh... but will have to miss it for a while longer, I fear!

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