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Scott Adams

Lactose Intolerant? Drink Milk! - The Consumerist (blog)

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Lactose Intolerant? Drink Milk!

The Consumerist (blog)

... result from more serious gastrointestinal conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease, and that people may be misdiagnosing themselves. ...

Experts: Lactose intolerance misunderstood, 'gaps' found USA Today

Lactose intolerance: Too Little Is Known WebMD

Consensus on lactose intolerance? There is none Los Angeles Times (blog)

BusinessWeek  - eMaxHealth  - Biomed Middle East

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Oh, goody, there is nothing I like better than chasing around a really DUMB article all over the internet and debunking it.

Scott, I don't know if you read the Reuters version of this but it was atrocious from a scientific standpoint. There is no calcium in lactose, a milk sugar, so avoiding lactose doesn't mean that one is avoiding calcium. Methinks that the sagging dairy industry (and that IS a fact that milk prices are not supporting dairy farmers who are having to cull herds) is on a public relations blitz.

I have enough European ancestry in my mix that I kept my lactose digesting ability into early adulthood, but I would NEVER tell somebody that their symptoms of reacting to it as an adult wasn't a real reaction or intolerance- I have had friends and room mates of many different ethnic ancestries, have watched them eat some anyway and regret it later, and this is absurd. And in spite of this supposed deficit of daily dairy, they and many millions more around the globe are perfectly healthy !

"Low- fat" cheese that this "Dr Suchy" recommends in the consumerist.com article link are the worst fake food imaginable and are frequently loaded with disgusting grain byproduct fillers such as modified starches. Not only would this be putting a celiac/gluten intolerant at risk for wheat contamination, but Dr. Atkins proved years ago that adding starch to fat is the quickest way to gain weight, and that a higher fat, higher protein diet is the better way to lose weight because the typical American diet is so carbohydrate heavy. (Plus, see the movie "Supersize Me" for what a fast food diet does to one's health.... they would not be easier to digest. )

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