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Can Bloating Lead To Damaged Muscles/Tendons?

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So I was having left sided bloating for several months where the left side of my rib cage was bloated all the time to the point it was much larger than my right. When I went gluten free about a month ago the bloating went right down and my ribs are now equal in size. I had some pain in my muscles there when I first went gluten free and I assumed it was because the bloating had gone down which changed the position of my ribs. It got gradually better as I stayed on a gluten free diet.

Last night I did a Pilates tape that focuses on core muscles. This morning I woke up feeling very sore and tight on the left side. There is no swelling or bloating, but it's not like a sore muscle feeling, more like a sore tendon. Could this be a result of having been bloated for so long? Has anyone else experienced this?

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IF there was a significant postural change, the strength of your muscles on opposite sides is going to be different. One side may be stronger (from holding you bent sideways), the other weaker (from being overstretched and underused). It's totally expected that your soreness wouldn't be symmetrical if you've been living asymetrically for a while. :)

The muscles end in tendons, so - particularly in small muscles - it can be difficult to actually separate sensation from between the two. I would give it a little time, treat it like getting back into any exercise program.

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