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Accidents Happen

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As careful as I am, as involved as I am in training chefs in Hawaii -- accidents still happen.

Took a few hours to figure out why the big D got my Monday night even before I could finish dinner.

My wife made a pasta salad with the gluten-free penne , a bunch of fresh avocados, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, Pigeon peas from the garden and some raspberry pomegranate dressing she found.

I always check labels no matter what since things tend to change when we don't expect it. This time there was no problem. Pots and pans and dishes no problem. After I got well enough to get back into the kitchen I found that my wife had used the wrong colander and further inspection revealed that there were hard pieces of non-gluten-free pasta on the shelf where it was stored.

We don't keep a totally gluten-free house but we do have separate areas and utensils and colanders.

So for those of you who wonder about pots and pans -- yes its a good idea to have your own gluten-free dedicated cookware and try not to get it mixed up and cause 4 hours of misery.


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