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Can Yeast Cause Dh ?

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I have been gluten-free/DF for 3 years and still had ongoing problems but was sort of stable. Then about a month ago I had a severe Glutening ( incorrectly labelled food ) and have had nothing but problems ever since. The bowel became infected and I have had antibiotics for that. Then I started reacting to all fruit and now - the latest - yeast.

Yesterday I tried a new gluten-free/DF bread that my friends are raving over. It tasted a bit 'yeasty' to me almost immediately... My tongue felt 'funny' ( hard to explain). Then about 5 hours later I was hit by sudden gut pain that was so severe and sudden that I ended up collapsing on the bathroom floor screaming with bloat I guess.

Then had D for a couple of hours. Vomiting. And now feel that my gut is all inflamed again.

But ...about 8 hours later the spots appeared ! I have not had DH spots for 3 years. Could this be DH reacting to yeast ? Or did the gluten-free bread have Gluten ?

Why am I more sensitive now that ever before ?

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