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Indroduction And A Question

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Hello everyone,

I have been lurking around in here and have learned alot already and i thank you all for that. just a quick introduction to myself...I am Andrea, 25 years old i live in Ontario, Im mommy to three little boys ages 5,3 and 6 months.

Now..on to the fun stuff. i really have two things/questions i need help with. im sick with stomach issues everyday and due to my specific symptoms (ill list them in a second) i do believe celiac is a strong possibility. i cant get in to see a specialist until the beginning of may. I feel like i cant continue to poison my body everyday between now and then when i know what i could do to make myself feel a little better. especially since middle of april we have our first family vacation planned (and paid for) and feeling like this i wont be going at all. yesterday and today i skipped anything with gluten and i do feel a little better...maybe 50% better than i normally do by the end of the day. I do want to be able to get an official diagnosis but i also want to feel well enough to go with my family on our trip...Do you think if i stop eating gluten from now until the beginning of may that would ruin my chances of a positive biopsy? or wouldnt i have cured enough by then?

Here are my symptoms, i have only been expeiencing them since the birth of my last baby 6 months ago:

Severe bloating

strong appetite dispite feeling sick

Middle back ache, sometimes severe

Diarreah, was constant for 2 months and now comes everyday few days

Fatigued, zero energy.

Weight loss, 20 pounds in 2 months (from 135 to 115) without any intention to lose it

Iron deficiency

B12 deficiency


trouble making decisions, no memory and terrible anxiety (this ive had for years)

Itchy water blister-like rash that appears on my hands 2-3 times a year (also for years)

blood test showed doubled liver enzymes

Do you think judging by my symptoms that celiac is a possibility?

Now, my most important Question...because it involved the baby. I am nursing him and worried that he isnt getting enough or that the quailty of the milk hes getting isnt going to be very good if i am not absorbing nutrients. he seems to be gaining Ok, hes smallish but healthy by the looks of things, but hes recently started to wake more and more in the night and that makes me wonder if hes hungry because hes not getting all he needs from me? should i be worried about this?

thanks in advance for any help to my questions...i hope ive made sense, I've got a wicked headache at the moment.

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