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About 3-4 weeks ago I had a pretty terrible sinus infection and the dr gave me antibiotics to help resolve it...after about 2 weeks of being sick I finally started feeling better. I went on vaca and felt pretty good, despite getting glutened 1 time. Then again this past Sunday I started with the sniffeling and sneezing again. It got worse until Thursday when I could hardly hold my head up anymore. I also had terrible brain fog yesterday, so much to the point that the truckshow that I have been to for 6 years now, I was totally lost in. I didn't know where the car was or how to get to it. My co-workers that I went with were very understanding and helpful, but I felt so embarassed. I tried both Allergy Medicine and Cold medicine, but neither one helped at all. The ODD thing is that I felt the best first thing in the morning, but as I started moving and sitting at my desk it got stuffier (usually it is opposite of that) Today I woke up feeling pretty good again, but then had some severe D for a couple of hours. I didn't eat anything that I believe I should have had a problem with, but I was eating at restaurants as I was out of town for work, so there is the possibility of CC. As soon as the D stopped it is like my head cleared up and I am 100% better than I was yesterday.

Is it possible that this is related to gluten at all? Again I didn't eat anything that would deliberately contain gluten, and I usually don't have problems eating out. Even though I know there is a risk for CC I am usually perfectly fine as long as I don't ingest something deliberately, which I haven't done for months now. Except for this sinus issue that I have been dealing with, I have felt almost completely normal.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like you may have been glutened. It can really sneak in there especially when you are eating out.

The wonderful ER doc who diagnosed me with celiac also gave me a great tip about my chronic sinus infections. He told me as soon as I get sinus pressure I need to take the blue box of Mucinex. On the box it says it's for chest congestion, but it totally works for sinus pressure and it loosens that up to get it out.

Another thing I've been doing for a long time that really helps is sinus rinses by Neilmed. They sell them at Costco and all the major grocery and drug stores. Check out their site at www.neilmed.com I add 3 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to the rinse when I have an infection. I am

battling one now and with Mucinex and sinus rinses are working so far.

Good luck!!! I hope you feel better soon. Take probiotics with the antibiotics to stave off yeast.

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