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Hi! My daughter got a printout from her nutritionist and caramel is on the question mark list,why? Is this why maple syrup (certain kinds) are not gluten free? Thanks!

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Caramel color is one of those celiac urban myths that just won't go away.

Here is Shelley Case's take on it, from Gluten-Free Diet A Comprehensive Resource Guide:

Although gluten-containing ingredients (barley malt syrup and starch hydrolysates) can be used in the production of caramel color, North American companies use corn as it has a longer shelf life and makes a superior product. European companies use glucose derived from wheat starch, however caramel color is highly processed and contains no gluten.
[Emphasis in original]

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True caramel is simply heated sugar. It is definately gluten free. Caramel candies would need to be checked as would any item because of the possiblity of flavors or other ingredients. Wheat would have to be listed but barley would not be. Maple syrup that is real maple syrup is going to be safe but some of the imitation maple syrups are not.

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