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    my children and grandchildren,shopping online,decorating,cleaning (yeah I love to clean) research on auto immune disease. I have Graves and Hashi's although was treated for Graves and am weaning off meds, it seems I am in remission. I have not been diagnosed with celiac. My daughter has it. I was told first degree relatives should get tested too. I am slowly trying to remove gluten from my diet in case I do have it too.
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    Rhode Island
  1. cleanfreak73

    Inability To Concentrate, Fuzz Brain

    Kayo, yes the t-4 being at 193, if it was a "free" t-4 reading that would suggest hyper, range(.80-1.80) the tsh at...
  2. cleanfreak73

    Inability To Concentrate, Fuzz Brain

    Oh sorry....the face and neck puffiness, that's a real sign too. Do your eyes look swollen, like the lids, or do you...
  3. cleanfreak73

    Inability To Concentrate, Fuzz Brain

    Hi! I'm with Reba and whomever else suggested thyroid. It sounds like before, you were hyper(couldn't turn off your brain...
  4. cleanfreak73

    Dating A Celiac

    I think it may all depend on how sensitive she is to gluten. Some are very sensitive, my daughter not so much.It depends...
  5. cleanfreak73

    Old And New Symptoms

    Some people get that feeling when their thyroid is out of whack too. Like carpal tunnel and the like.
  6. cleanfreak73

    Appetite Changes

    Yes..the B. Crocker brownies are good, the cake not so great BUT,I was at my daughter's house yesterday, it was her birthday...
  7. cleanfreak73

    Allergic To Gluten Free Products

    Hi! My daughter who was diagnosed celiac and I (who hasn't had blood tests yet) both ate corn pasta and both had a stomach...
  8. cleanfreak73

    A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

    I think you're going out of your way to explain yourself, you shouldn't have to with your parents but I think it all...
  9. cleanfreak73

    From Carelessness To Paranoia?

    Thanks for the cider recommendations. I think I saw those there. She likes Arbor mist, so that is a wine option.Good...
  10. cleanfreak73

    From Carelessness To Paranoia?

    don't know about straw but cc is CROSS CONTAMINATION
  11. cleanfreak73

    From Carelessness To Paranoia?

    Okay I do get the collander thing now. I guess you should have your own if the rest of the household isn't gluten free...
  12. cleanfreak73

    From Carelessness To Paranoia?

    I just have one question....why the colander thing? Can't you just wash it like other stuff? Doesn't it get clean enough...
  13. yes i haven't been tested for celiac but my daughter has it. i have a combo of Graves and hashi's and am usually cold...
  14. Hi! My daughter got a printout from her nutritionist and caramel is on the question mark list,why? Is this why maple...
  15. cleanfreak73

    How Do I Explain?

    It's hard to explain, that's for sure, and there's no pill for it,I think doctors have a hard time with it too, like...