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Finally Away From Gluten Filled Environment

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So I was diagnosed in July of 09. worked in a FULL on bakery environment until March 22,2010. I have excluded gluten from my diet since being diagnosed. Had severe attacks of gastro distress a few times after that but was still working in the bakery environment. Finally after a disturbing attack in January I had had enough, went to a GI got a colonoscopy which found I also had microscopic colitis. I have been on meds for that for a month. I don't notice much difference, but doc says may take SEVERAL weeks to notice. I really have just decided to settle into the fact that I will have chronic diarrhea for the rest of my life because nothing seems to matter.

Ok so I have been away from daily exposure for 2 weeks or so. I have been on meds for other issue for 1 month. I know there is no way for anyone to tell me "it will end in "X # of days, weeks etc." please has anyone experienced environmental exposure and if so how long did it take to be away from it to stop having significant symptoms? I am so fed up with it I want the steroids. Well don't really want them, but my other alternative is that I have accepted life with constant diarrhea.

What steps can I take to decipher other food allergies? I have a list of ?'s for my GI which include "tell me what to how often and what to eat so I can determine what is causing never ending diarrhea". Whatever ...it is what it is...many people suffer much more than I do, so I will endure regardless. At least the painful part has subsided. Aspiro is what I have been given as a treatment for my microscopic colitis, my father had to go to the steroids, we'll see. My assumption is that since every other aspect of this condition has been EXACTLY what my Fathers' condition is I will likely need to be treated the same.

Tonight my fight is GONE! I am done...doesn't mean I will eat gluten, but I don't know what else besides specific dietary guidelines, with time frames, to ask for. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Oh if anyone knows the Louise L Hay affirmation for celiac I would love to know it!

Blessings of peace and health to all!


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Your story sounds like mine: I developed colitis after working in a bakery for close to a year. I never ate the food, but the cross-contamination was enough to make me sick.

I started feeling much better after a month of going gluten-free...BUT this was only after I cut out dairy, soy, corn, processed food, etc. I had no choice; as you must know, having colitis is no fun. What are you currently eating?

In order to heal (after quitting my job), I avoided anything that was hard for me to digest, which seemed to be everything! I ended up eating a lot of fruit, and juicing them to avoid the fiber (supplements often gave me an upset stomach and I desperately needed those vitamins). I practically lived off bananas, apples, and carrots. Soon I was eating mild salads (drenched in high-quality olive oil), broths, well-cooked rice, steamed veggies, and easy-to-digest meats like chicken or fish. I had no trouble with these foods, and I just took it slow and listened to my body's reactions.

And besides a couple accidental glutenings since then, I've been feeling fantastic. The only time my colitis flares up is when I burden my body with hard-to-digest foods (like beans) or dairy/soy/corn/and of course gluten.

I suggest sticking to as basic and "safe" a diet as possible. I promise, it is not as restrictive as it sounds.

Also, a lot of members of the board will tell you (better than I can) that feeling better takes a while. It's influenced by how severe your condition was and by the trace amounts of gluten that are still coming in from unknown sources. Eliminate the latter, and give your body plenty of time to undo the damage of the former. Some people start feeling better within a month, and some within a year.

Happy healing!

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