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Appetite Changes

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I haven't been able to lose weight either! It fluctuates so much though. Up and down day to day anywhere from 3-8 pounds. I'm eating a fraction of what I ate before and my appetite has shrunk. I'm not finishing meals. I'm eating more fruit and veggies. I'm not planning my day around cravings or food. I'm actually getting a 'full' feeling. For the longest time before going gluten-free I didn't think my body had a 'full' button. Like it was broken or never installed. I think my thyroid is off because I should be losing some weight. I have slimmed down, in smaller sizes but the scale hasn't budged.

My brownie choice is Foods By George. They come already baked and you can find them in the freezer section. There's even a single size. Unfortunately for me there's tapioca flour in them which I'm avoiding right now.

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