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Anyone Know Anything About Avocado Allergies?

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I have an extreme dislike for avocados so never eat them or anything with guacamole.  Occasionally I will order Mexican food and tell them to leave it off and they forget.  Even a trace amount sets my taste buds on edge.  That's how much I hate it.  But... Garlic gives me the symptoms you are having.  And I don't know why.  I am not allergic.  I am not intolerant.  I have been tested.  I can have a very small amount in something and it's okay.  But too much?  And let the pains begin!


Another thought...  Are you buying organic produce?  It could be that you are reacting to something in or on the produce and not the produce itself.  Sometimes I will buy celery and it makes my tongue go numb.  Thankfully not very often.  But oddly when it does this, it also has an extreme scent of maple syrup to me.  Nobody else can smell this.  So maybe I'm weird?  I just put it back and don't buy it if I notice that aroma.

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