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Hey everybody!

I am a newbie to gluten free life (i was diagnosed in january) and it has been rough so far. The longer I go, I get much more used to the foods I must eat and how to order when i am eating out. But one thing that I can NOT get past is all the uncomfortable, unwanted attention I always get when my friends or family and I go out to eat.

I have an amazingly supportive group of friends and family, but it just seems like every time we go out they are always so concerned with what I am going to eat and it always sparks a huge converstion and million questions about Celiac disease and eating gluten free. I absolutely LOVE that they care, trust me, but I hate feeling like Celiac is a part of me, something that we always talk about when my name is brought up.

I want to be normal, i want us to talk about regular things high school girls talk about when they go out, not gluten! I dont know how to tell them that I just do not want to talk about my problem when we are out trying to have a good time, without sounding like a total jerk. I wish it was never brought up anywhere, anytime :( I don't want Celiac to be who I am!

Any thoughts or support? I appreciate anything :)

Thank you!


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Patience. Your friends and family aren't living with this every day like you are. And you are the only one person that each friend and family member will be asking. So any one given person might ask you twice, but if you've got twenty of those people, that's forty questions - in your eyes, but not theirs. I think perception is a hard part of this to begin with; it's probably less attention on you than it feels, though I know that doesn't help a lot.

Over time, as there are fewer questions to ask, and the novelty wears off (it's only been four months!), you'll get fewer and fewer questions and it will become easier.

Like it or not, though, celiac IS a part of who you are. Just like your preference for one type of food or dislike of another is. Just like your speaking mannerisms. Just like your dress habits. Just like your favorite activities are. It's a part of you. It doesn't have to be "THE BIG PART", but know that it is still one of them.

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I agree with Tiffany on this one. It has not been long enough for those folks who care about you to see you feeling well. Once you feel more comfortable ordering/picking a resturant, others will too. Several different friends now even say, let's go to this place they have a great gluten free menu.

(I have been gluten-free 2 1/2 yrs.)

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