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I have heard that often we can crave what we shouldn't really be eating in the first place. Case in point: I often craved cereal (eg. shredded wheat, oatmeal, granola bars) over the years, and what happens? I get diagnosed with Celiac (Feb. 2010). Hm-m-m-m. . . interesting. Now for the past few weeks I've been craving hot whipped milk (I have one of those hand drink 'aerolaters', no whipping cream or anything in them; just milk). I've limited myself to 2-3 half-cup servings of this drink per day, but would likely drink more if I wasn't having to go to the store so often to buy more milk - lol! My milk is lactose-free, but I'm wondering about casein. I don't have any symptoms like diarrhea or anything, so maybe that means I'm fine with casein. But the craving for the drink is strong, so it has me wondering. BTW, if it's relevant, I haven't been consuming any other milk products like cheese or yogurt. Any opinions out there??

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