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A Few Questions For Those With Dh

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I've had rashes with blisters and lots of itching - some of which are now purple. I ended up going to the ER, and the doctor diagnosed me with allergic dermatitis, possibly DH. I'm supposed to make an appointment with a dermatologist for testing and I'm now on my second course of steroids, haven't worked thus far. The doctor said it's clearly related to food since it flares up every time I eat, and since I've had issues with milk and wheat before, he told me I should try a gluten-free/CF diet and see if that helps. Also told me to keep a food diary for a few days before I see the dermatologist. Anyway, I had a few questions ...

1. When you started gluten-free, did the itching get better right away? I started on the diet today. I've been having swelling and increased itching right after I eat, but today it didn't start until about 7pm. Marked improvement in that area, but it hasn't made much improvement in terms of the rash going away.

2. Do you get a purplish bruise with DH? I have the rash and blisters on my thighs, legs, arms and back. My thighs were the first ones to show up, and they are now purple. The whole area just looks like a big bruise.

3. What can I expect at my dermatologist appointment?

4. And have you tried steroids, and if so, were they effective? I'm on my second course now. It seems to somewhat control the swelling now that I'm at a higher dose, but like I said, not much improvement in terms of reducing the rashes/blisters.

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