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Well, I gave or threw all my gluten away. My cupboards are BARE. I didn't realize how much of it I was living on.

Ann's - are all those products bad or just the rice crust pizza? I got excited, found an orange cake by Ann's, took it to work, was getting ready to eat it and the word "vegan" caught my eye :unsure: . It wasn't gluten-free, it was vegan, but it was right there with all the gluten-free things, I'm awfully happy that I noticed that...the store took it back.

But I've read on here about Ann's and wanted to clarify about that.

Also, I bought some frozen raisin bread by Glutino and I LIKE IT!!! It was fun to eat a piece of toast!!! I loved it, thought it was great - it was denser than regular, but it was a real treat!

And I got some Redbridge beer that you all suggested. It was NINE DOLLARS for six! Know what? They only had 2 six packs left! There must be a lot of people allergic to wheat in Kentucky and that ain't good LOL :D

I also bought a box of those Nut-Thins that are advertised here. I got the Smokehouse flavor and I love those! I made like sandwiches out of them with a slice of sharp cheese - yummy!

But I still want to know about Ann's......please! :lol:

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