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Buss Travel In Us!

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I have to friend who are going on a 11 days busstrip around in US. They are both on gluten free diet.

Does anyone have any advice on where they can get food? I guess that the other people on the buss will go to mc donalds ++ but thats not gluten free. When I was in US I both "microwave food" and reheated. That was alreight. But I have forgot the name on the brand I both.

Which hamburger and hot dogs are safe? Who produces "microwave" food? (so I can find a list on internett on what gluten-free)

Any help is good!

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I would call the buss company and find out were you will be stopping for food then look on the web at the web pages for those places to eat. In most fast food places you can ask what is gluten free and they will bring out a note book. Some places have a poster on the wall for food allergies. look at the web sites for several fast foods as where one is there are usually a few in walking distance. At diners I find it save usually to eat fish or jello, baked potato with no sour cream, and apple sauce. No mater what they say noting else is safe cause usually they cook on a big flat grill that they toss every thing on. But if you as that they use a clean pan sometimes it works.

Cheese omelets may be safe, hash browns rarely are.

I would carry a "kitchen bag" with two bowls, some paper plates and easy to make food. Water can be run though the hotel coffee makers to make oatmeal. Lara bars are a must.If it is a guided tour you may be able to get the guide to go grocery shopping for you or provide a way for you to. The grocery chains you want to visit would be trader Joes, Giant, and Wegmans(my favorite) or a local health food store. Food in stores has the allergen warning right under the ingredients.

If they will have a usa phone see if you can get a few phone numbers to call to ask people. email me and I will give you my number. It may be good for them to buy a phone at a drug store or department store or mini mart. if they are nerves about calling get a phone with texting. The first year my kid went Gluten free she called me often and it saved her from a few ill days.

Ice cream, soft serve is usually safe. just ask the person at the counter if you can read the mix bottle because you have sever food allergies.

safer places to eat: Wendy's, Boston market, olive garden, basken robins ice cream usually located in www.DunkinDonuts.com/

I generally use my tom-tom, GPS to find out what places are near me that I can eat.

Good luck and have fun!

Karen M

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