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Hi everyone,

My therapist (who I was seeing for something unrelated when the worst of my symptoms began) pointed out to me that one of my symptoms right now is? - appears to be? - depression. It's true that I don't feel motivated sometimes, I have chronic low energy, I have insomnia (trouble going to sleep and/or early-morning waking), and I'm not feeling very social, outside of seeing a few close friends/family.

However, I've noticed over the past few weeks that all of this is correlated with my other symptoms, specifically neuropathy and brain fog. When it hurts to walk and it's hard to form a complete sentence, I also find that I have little motivation and I don't want to see anyone. My symptoms have been slowly - very slowly - getting better, and my mood is lifting - again slowly - as they do. Acupuncture really helps with my symptoms, especially the neuropathy and the sleep. After an acupuncture session, I have less pain and I'm more well-rested. I also feel more motivated and social.

I had lab work done last week to check for vitamin deficiencies, in case these could be causing my symptoms. I'm waiting for the results.

My question is: am I dealing with depression? do I need to address the depression specifically? or, is it just another symptom? can I expect it to go away over time? I'm especially worried about this because my therapist (who I only saw for two months before this began) has suggested that I have a "depressive personality". I don't think so. At least, I would never have said that about myself before these last 5 or 6 months.

Thanks so much for any comments,


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Depression is a well-known effect of celiac disease in places like Finland where celiac is common. Over here, doctors don't know that. Some of us get anxious too. Horrible, free-floating anxiety is a symptom of gluten exposure for me.

The depression should resolve as the effects of your gluten-free diet kick in and your immune system settles down. For me it also takes a good, chelated high-potency vitamin that was designed for mood disorders and fish oil supplements to stay out of the depression. I take Truehope's EMPowerPlus. Even if your tests come back OK, a good B-complex supplement might help you feel better.

Obviously, if it gets to where you can't function or you start having suicidal thoughts you MUST seek treatment. Depression can be dangerous unchecked and your therapist can help you decide if temporary treatment with an antidepressant while your gut heals might be a good idea.

Another thing is to have your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism goes hand-in-hand with celiac and low thyroid can cause vegetative symptoms and depression.

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Wait for your nutrient level testing results - they may well show you the way. I got very depressed when I was low in B12 and folate. Of course, having your thyroid checked is also a good idea.

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