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New To Eating Out Gluten Free

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gfreegirlie! I am very new to gluten free eating (5 days) and am also vegetarian (10 years). If you have ANY tips or nuances or sample meals/restaurants that you enjoy I would very much appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance.... I need all the help I can get :)

El Chicos has a gluen free menu and if you like mexican food it is quite enjoyable. The chips on the table are corn which is nice. The ine I went to didn't have any menus availible but the manager went and printed me one out. I had the vegie fajitas with corn torlillas which I enjoyed. The vegetarian version wasn't on the menu but if you ask they should accomidate because they have it on the normal menu I believe. The rice is made with chicken stock though so I didn't have any of that. It was the best meal out I'd had in a while. Boston's Gourmet Pizza, or something like that, its a bar and sports club I believe but they have a delicious gluten free pizza. If you go out with someone else ask the waiter/tress to box your stuff first so it doesn't get cross contaminate. PF Chang's is great. I LOVE the Gluten-Free dessert! Chipotle is really good and had very very slim risk of being contaminted so I love eatting there. I just get a vegie burrito bowl and they have lots of topping options that make it delicious. I feel normal when I can go out to places and not have to ask a trillion questions and be very specific with my order. If I remember any other good restraunts then I'll try to let me know. You can e-mail me if you wish cows_should_live@hotmail.com That might be a bit easier. Oh! Olive Garden has a gluten free vegetarian pasta dish that is nice too. Just remember to ask for the table salad to have no crutons, I forgot last time so I couldn't eat it.


*Strict Vegetarian

On the Gluten Free diet almost a year now.

Still constantly getting glutened.

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