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Stupid Lady At Work

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Listen, I am such a PITA in restaurants these days I am always fearful someone's going to spit in my food. The most wonderful eating out experiences have been the two times the server was also gluten/dairy free, for whatever reason. Both took time to go over the menu with me and make suggestions and steer me away from things I would have assumed were safe. Plus they both gave wonderful suggestions for coping with eating out gluten/dairy free. You absolutely did the right thing by that woman even if she didn't want to hear it. Hopefully the next person will listen to you. I'm not even diagnosed Celiac's and if I'd eaten that wheat tortilla I'd be sick as a dog! It makes me wonder if she's just doing some fad diet thing...

If you ask nicely and you don't demand, 99% of the time they will be happy to accomodate you. When I waited tables I never thought someone was a PITA if they had allergies or whatever as long as they treated me with kindness and didn't demand stuff from me.

Lots of doctors diagnosed me with lots of things including IBS, lactose intolerance, wheat intolerance, and quite a few of them threw up their hands in total confusion.

Had GI symptoms, allergy symptoms and unexplained illness my whole life.

Jan. 2010 Diagnosed celiac at the age of 40.

Ready to get well and get on with my life!

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Unfortunately, there are Celiacs out there that don't believe they need to stick to the diet 100%.

When I was first diagnosed, my husband's aunt told me that her husband's cousin has Celiac and that after a while I could have a litle gluten now and then and it wouldn't bother me.

All we can do is offer to help, as you ladies did--and beyond that, it's their choice....however wrong it may be.

Sounds like someone i work with who has Crohns disease. She knows exactly what will bother her and eats it anyway then we all have to listen to her complain about how sick she is. When people do this they deserve what they get.

Gluten free since 1990.

Diagnosed by duodenal biopsy.

You don't stop skiing because you get old. You get old because you stop skiing :-)

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I think I am very nice when I order. :-) I was sort of making a joke about the huge paradigm shift it's been going from ordering anything and everything on the menu to having one or two options. For years my friends were so jealous that I could eat so much food and never gain weight...well now we know why. I just went off gluten this spring so it's very new. I hope I get to the point where eating out isn't a fearful experience.

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