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March 2010: As part of a detox diet I eliminated gluten and dairy. Within 2 weeks I was feeling amazing. Never realized that I'd been sick for years...just thought I was a tired, stressed out mom.

Giving up wheat was too hard...reintroduced, got very sick. Tried a couple more times, and a couple of times accidentally and kept getting sick again.

Now just wondering when my system will be able to tolerate wine and coffee again. I'm okay with losing bread and cheese.

  1. Looks like you are feeling better, but I was just going to agree. I am two years in and I try to be really strict with my diet. I also feel best on no processed/rice as only grain diet. And my daughter is on the same diet. I sometimes think I can't spend one more minute in the dang kitchen...
  2. It's been a long time since I've been hard-core glutened. I do get stomach aches...like nausea, but it's the joint pain that is the big tip off. And it's mostly the left side of my body. If I get cross contaminated from gluten or eat something else I'm intolerant of my left side feels like it...
  3. Note to self: "Stay out of prison."
  4. I like how CassP said she has "gluten light" symptoms from gluten free grains. I feel the same way. I went all the way grain free and some nagging symptoms cleared all the way, like minor joint pain, some allergy symptoms and I had increased energy. Since my daughter's been home from school...
  5. I knew bananas were a big problem even before I figured out the gluten/dairy/corn/soy puzzle. I don't know why. I too assume it's the fructose. They make me so nauseous that I really don't care if I get them back or not.
  6. It seems like since going gluten free my stomach issues are pretty minor. I tend to go into a brain fog and my joints flare up pretty much right away. Sometimes I'll get nauseous even as I'm eating...cue to stop eating right now...The brain fog and joint pain can last a couple of days or more....