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  1. Have any of you had a reaction after eating Udi's Chia and Millet bread? I loved it at first, but had been having symptoms after starting to eat a few slices in a PB sandwich every few days. The store ran out and I couldn't be more glad...
  2. I used to stop myself from being hateful, but when somebody is rude about me eating gluten free, I just tell them I hope they get to experience the kind of pain I experience when I eat gluten. Sometimes I mention explosive diarrhea and excruciating...
  3. "A little bread won't hurt you!" I guess we're supposed to wash it off. I wish I had gluten cleansing holy water to pour on all of the things I suspect my be cross contaminated.
  4. tbritt

    Joint Pain

    I am actually a violinist and violin teacher by trade, so the tendon issues are a problem. My shoulder pain kept me from playing for a year. Doctors kept blaming it on the violin. I don't think the violin was ever the problem. I think it...
  5. tbritt

    Ignorant Comments

    I was planning my wedding and my mother-in-law was insistent upon getting a "glutton" free meal for me with the catered dinner from a barbecue joint in Fredericksburg, TX. No, Thanks! I'll just eat a PB&J on Udi's bread at the meal that...
  6. tbritt

    Joint Pain

    Last Friday, I suspect I ingested gluten some time that afternoon (although I'm not sure from what). I handled dog treats given to me by the bank and didn't wash my hands afterward. I think I had a snack just a bit later. I spent the dinner...
  7. tbritt

    Foul Gas

    When I got very ill, it manifest as pain in my shoulder and as terrible stomach pain and gas. My doctor thought I had a parasite so gave me Flagyl (without having done a test for parasites). I got better on it, probably because it killed...
  8. Thanks for adding me to your friends list& for sharing your extraordinary recovery! Love the photo of you playing and FULLY living your life!! You have given me renewed hope. I never give up, yet some days, it has been VERY difficult to keep going. I am lucky my husband is so supportive and loving. I shared your story with him and he said "See, we'll get there,too Babe...

  9. I still get mystery glutenings. I have found most of the culprits. Sometimes I think feeding my dogs their food might do it. I can't figure it out. I eat very strictly. I think sometimes foods that are labeled gluten free are not actually...
  10. tbritt

    Does This Annoy You?

    I don't eat at restaurants. Even well intentioned folks don't have any idea of how bad this is. We are space aliens. I was in physical pain the last four times (in the last six months) that I have eaten at restaurants. It's not worth it...
  11. I forgot to mention I am also a violinist. The pain nearly made me quit. I am back to playing in symphonies and teaching six to seven hours a day. Hang in there.
  12. Thank you for your story of healing. It helped me immensely. I have a few dozen awful symptoms but the excruciating pain is the worst. Shoulders, neck, elbows, hips...just misery and no PT or MT or doctor has helped. For YEARS. I cry every day from the pain. Maybe in a few months, I'll see an improvement. Thanks again for sharing--I am grateful to hear you are feeling so well!

  13. I have not been here a long time, but I have been here long enough to get better. All my life I struggled with this mystery, but didn't know what it was. I had seizures, dizzy spells, anemia, lethargy, skin rashes, sore throats, acid...
  14. I talked to them about it and they didn't realize that some people don't tolerate oats. I told them they should at least label their ingredients on items so people could decide for themselves.
  15. A designated gluten free kitchen and bakery have opened in my town. I was so excited because I can't seem to eat anywhere and trust that the food is safe. I was given a gift of some beautiful granola from the place and as I went to grab...