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I have been very ill since February 2010. I started having tremendous pain in my shoulder and neck that wouldn't get better with physical therapy or cortisone injections. It seemed to be getting worse and worse. I thought I would never be able to work again.

Finally in September 2010, I decided to change my diet. It's amazing to me that getting rid of gluten has made me so much better. I hope the pain will go away completely some day.

  1. When I got very ill, it manifest as pain in my shoulder and as terrible stomach pain and gas. My doctor thought I had a parasite so gave me Flagyl (without having done a test for parasites). I got better on it, probably because it killed off the overgrowth of bacteria. Once I was off it it, I got...
  2. Thanks for adding me to your friends list& for sharing your extraordinary recovery! Love the photo of you playing and FULLY living your life!! You have given me renewed hope. I never give up, yet some days, it has been VERY difficult to keep going. I am lucky my husband is so supportive and loving. I shared your story with him and he said "See, we'll get there,too Babe...

  3. Thank you for your story of healing. It helped me immensely. I have a few dozen awful symptoms but the excruciating pain is the worst. Shoulders, neck, elbows, hips...just misery and no PT or MT or doctor has helped. For YEARS. I cry every day from the pain. Maybe in a few months, I'll see an improvement. Thanks again for sharing--I am grateful to hear you are feeling so well!