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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. It's weird, I wouldn't do it either.. well, I AM doing it at the moment, on doctor's instructions. But after my first meal of WOOHOO chinese food (no PF chang's in Canada), I got over it real quick. Went grocery shopping and found absolutely no appeal in gluteny items. If anything, this challenge has made me realize a) I do indeed get sick and I don't really miss gluten at all.
  2. This is happening to me right now. I usually know right away when I've been glutened, because I bloat and feel sharp pains in my stomach about half an hour after eating the food, and the GI symptoms come a few hours later. But I just started a gluten challenge yesterday and have eaten large amounts, and while I still got the bloating and cramping nothing else has happened.. I was expecting a hugely violent reaction. Maybe the reactions are delayed? Did you notice anything a few days later with your kids?
  3. I've just started a gluten challenge today after three years of being 100% gluten free. I have never, ever cheated. Long story short, I was with a very thorough doctor for another medical problem I have been dealing with, and after reviewing basically my entire medical history he thinks that the GI I saw, who does not have the best reputation apparently, was quick to say I had celiac without much evidence except that of "residual damage" on the biopsy (It had been taken after 6 months already gluten-free). SO, three hours in and all I have is a raging headache, stomach pains and bloating... when I get CC'd, I usually have quite the reaction...what gives? Does anybody have delayed reactions? I always had a hard time tracking back what would "get" me, so maybe I react later... anyways, I'm terrified. Has anyone else done a gluten challenge? PS. Good to be back! I haven't been on the forum since may
  4. They also have really good chicken wings!! I can't remember the flavour but I'm sure they're on that list.
  5. I had never thought about this, but have been eating a vegan diet for a few months now and have not had a "gluten" incident since... Now that could be because I don't eat out ever, and everything is made by me in my gluten-free kitchen...but I'm definitely not having anything grain-fed, and have cut out most processed foods. Feels great.
  6. If your making chocolate icing, chocolate almond milk instead of normal milk is yummmmmm.
  7. Vegetarian & Celiac

    I have Celiac disease and eat a vegan diet. Feel free to message or email me any time, d.hoholuk@hotmail.com I also have a blog and post recipes daily, if you are interested.
  8. :) Thank you. On my way to your blog now.
  9. I use Vegenaise. It's made with grapeseed oil and I find it creamy and tangy like mayo but not the nasty artery-clogging consistency of egg mayo.
  10. I eat a vegan diet and am gluten and soy free. It is definitely possible, if you want any recipes message me. Chickpeas are probably the best invention ever. I've been gluten free for over two years now. It's nearly impossible to eat at restaurants while vegan (except for salad, always check the dressing) but vegeterian would be much easier, if you can handle eggs and dairy. It's fully do-able, and if it's what you want then go for it!
  11. Burritos!

    GlutenFrieda makes a good microwave burrito
  12. Udi's bread is the only non-vegan part of my diet, but it's way too delicious and I use it for too many things to give it up. I'm vegan for health reasons and am not heartbroken about eating the egg in it, but it would be better if I could find a vegan gluten-free bread. Any ideas? I might have to figure out how to make one..
  13. Kimchi like the noodle bowls? I highly doubt it..unless they are rice noodles.