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  1. :) Thank you. On my way to your blog now.
  2. Kimchi like the noodle bowls? I highly doubt it..unless they are rice noodles.
  3. A bowl of popcorn, and a bowl of frozen blueberries. Might eat a can of corn if still hungry later...I call it the student diet!
  4. Stir-fry! I probably eat stir-fries 4-5 days per week, and they're always different! Last night was broccoli, carrots, celery, onion, peanuts, chickpeas, quinoa and sweet chili sauce (the Thai kitchen brand). Tonight I'm going to experiment...chicken and pineapple with rice cooked in coconut milk...
  5. Hey :)

    I was looking on the teen forum (I'm 18) and I saw one of your posts, and I figured we probably have something in common, considering that we both love to ride, lol.

  6. BC is a province with lots of cities.. But yes, it's lovely!
  7. I'm 19, been diagnosed for a year now Anybody in BC, Canada? I'd really like to meet some Celiacs, I feel so alone..
  8. I keep getting glutened and don't know where. Does anybody ever have problems with Kinnikinnick products or freybe meats?
  9. I have had that for a few years, let me know if this is similar to you: Not chest tightess or pain when breathing, but it feels like each breath in inefficient...like you need a huge gulp of air for your lungs to be satisfied? That's pretty much the only way I can explain it...sound familiar...