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Well I Finally Did It

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Way to go, Ravenwoodglass!!biggrin.gif

Migraines, ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, paranoia, joint pain, vivid nightmares, exhaustion & lethargy, brain fog, bloat, GI issues--all gone or significantly reduced since dietary changes were made

Gluten-free (Nov. 2008), dairy-free (June 2009), soy-free (Aug. 2009), all-grains-and-grasses-but-rice-free (Nov. 2011); double HLA-DQ7

"'Always remember, Bilbo, when your heart wants lifting, think of pleasant things.' 'Eggs, bacon, a good full pipe, my garden at twilight....'" (The Hobbit, animated movie, 1977)

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I am so excited for you! Happy for you! Proud of you!! Such a big step in conquering your fear, conquering this disease and regaining your freedom.

I am very sensitive. Got glutened from kissing once. Got glutened from running my fingers through my hair and then eating crackers without washing hands first when I had wheat conditioner in my hair.

But I eat out a lot. Many times per week. And I've only gotten glutened at a restaurant once. I call ahead when I can. Tell them what I can't have and remind them about CC.

It is possible!! I'm so thrilled for you.

Lots of doctors diagnosed me with lots of things including IBS, lactose intolerance, wheat intolerance, and quite a few of them threw up their hands in total confusion.

Had GI symptoms, allergy symptoms and unexplained illness my whole life.

Jan. 2010 Diagnosed celiac at the age of 40.

Ready to get well and get on with my life!

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